Wedding Venue 1000 seating

Brimming with romantic charm, timeless elegance, adorned with blossoms, dazzling lights, and exquisite settings make your day special at our venues.

Party Hall 400 seating

Dynamic and celebratory spaces with a capacity of 500 seats each on the ground and first floor, specifically crafted for hosting events.

Open-Air Celebrations 250 Seating

Events held in natural, outdoor settings, offering fresh air, scenic views, and a spacious, free-spirited ambiance.


Our Services

Engagement Forever Begins Now

Two souls entwine, ignited by the spark of love, and embark on a lifelong odyssey of shared dreams bound by a promise.

Wedding Symphony of Love

Forever bonded by love, commitments exchanged amidst tranquillity, as two souls unite in unwavering devotion.

Reception Glamour and Elegance

Opulence and charm, where the saga of love endures, rejoiced with bliss, laughter, and cherished moments.

Haldi Golden Moments Unfold

Gleaming blessings, joy, and love, as traditions illuminate the path to a dazzling, hopeful beginning

Bangle Ceremony Adorned in Love

Wrapped in the warmth of love, wear bangles of happiness, a symbol of unwavering commitment and happiness

Henna Ceremony Wedding planner

Exquisite beauty unfurls on hands, as henna weaves tales of affection and cherished memories.

Bridal Shower Showering Happiness

The joyous gatherings, celebrating the bride's journey to 'I do' with love and happiness.

Bachelor Party Last Fling Before the Ring

Togetherness, happiness, and adventures, as the groom says goodbye to bachelorhood

Baby Shower Bundle of Joy

Celebrating the start of a new chapter, delightfully showering the family-to-be with affection and heartfelt blessings.

Award Functions Honouring Excellence

A gleaming arena, where excellence dazzles, and achievements are honoured in a spectacular gathering.

Conferences Empowering Minds

Inspiration ignites, minds connect, and wisdom flourishes, as pioneers gather for enlightenment and innovation.

Cultural EventsTraditions Unveiled

Traditions unveil, creativity thrives, and the essence of diverse cultures resonates in vibrant celebrations.

Creating Magic Together

Step into the world of captivating moments weaved by diverse talents and expertise to create unforgettable experiences.


Curating a venue's symphony, meticulous coordination and comprehensive planning of venue features to ensure a seamless event experience.


Steering the coordination of events, synchronising the guest happiness and ensuring every element resonates seamlessly with our planned timeline.


Bespoke attention to detail, exceeding expectations, crafting unforgettable moments and ensuring a day brimming with happiness and affection.

We Will Make Your day Amazing

We are devoted to ensuring your day is absolutely incredible. Whether it's weddings, parties, events, birthdays, or corporate gatherings, our team is committed to deliver unforgettable experiences. Count on us to infuse magic into every moment of your special day and make your occasions truly extraordinary.

Make Your Dream Real With Us

We excel in creating events, ensuring guest delight and precise adherence to timelines. Through innovative methodologies and definite execution, Royal Green Convention Center brings your vision to life.

Magnificent Moments

Creating your day absolutely amazing

Event Management

Wedding Dress

Catering Service

Flower Arrangements

Art of Decoration

Elegant Tailoring

Royal Green specialises in curating extraordinary experiences, infusing elegance and luxury into every detail. Our expertise lies in creating memorable moments from planning to captivating decor. Every event is unique and our dedicated team brings your dreams to life in the most enchanting ways.